Integer Family MaxValue

Public Class Tester
Public Shared Sub Main
Dim result As New System.Text.StringBuilder()

Dim maxByte As Byte = Byte.MaxValue
Dim maxSByte As SByte = SByte.MaxValue
Dim maxShort As Short = Short.MaxValue
Dim maxUShort As UShort = UShort.MaxValue
Dim maxInteger As Integer = Integer.MaxValue
Dim maxUInteger As UInteger = UInteger.MaxValue
Dim maxLong As Long = Long.MaxValue
Dim maxULong As ULong = ULong.MaxValue

result.Append(“Byte “).AppendLine(maxByte)
result.Append(“SByte “).AppendLine(maxSByte)
result.Append(“Short “).AppendLine(maxShort)
result.Append(“UShort = “).AppendLine(maxUShort)
result.Append(“Integer = “).AppendLine(maxInteger)
result.Append(“UInteger = “).AppendLine(maxUInteger)
result.Append(“Long = “).AppendLine(maxLong)
result.Append(“ULong = “).AppendLine(maxULong)

End Sub
End Class

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