Using an interface class

Sub FilterTextFile(filter As IFilter)
    BugAssert filter.Source <> sEmpty
    ' Target can be another file or replacement of current file
    Dim sTarget As String, fReplace As Boolean
    sTarget = filter.Target
    If sTarget = sEmpty Or sTarget = filter.Source Then
        sTarget = MUtility.GetTempFile("FLT", ".")
        fReplace = True
    End If
    ' Open input file
    On Error GoTo FilterTextError1
    Dim nIn As Integer, nOut As Integer
    nIn = FreeFile
    Open filter.Source For Input Access Read Lock Write As #nIn
    ' Open target output file
    On Error GoTo FilterTextError2
    nOut = FreeFile
    Open sTarget For Output Access Write Lock Read Write As #nOut
    ' Filter each line
    On Error GoTo FilterTextError3
    Dim sLine As String, iLine As Long, eca As EChunkAction
    Do Until EOF(nIn)
        Line Input #nIn, sLine
        iLine = iLine + 1
        eca = filter.Translate(sLine, iLine)
        Select Case eca
        Case ecaAbort
            GoTo FilterTextError3   ' Stop processing
        Case ecaTranslate
            Print #nOut, sLine      ' Write modified line to output
        Case ecaSkip
                                    ' Ignore
        Case Else
            BugAssert True          ' Should never happen
        End Select
    ' Close files
    On Error GoTo FilterTextError1
    Close nIn
    Close nOut
    If fReplace Then
        ' Destroy old file and replace it with new one
        Kill filter.Source
        On Error Resume Next   ' No more errors allowed
        Name sTarget As filter.Source
        ' If this fails, you’re in trouble
        BugAssert Err = 0
    End If
    Exit Sub
    Close nOut
    Close nIn
    MErrors.ErrRaise Err
End Sub

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